Who we are

Our vision

Work together to shape the future of the generations yet to come: educated generations are the cornerstone of the development of our societies


Our mission

Our mission is to offer a didactic, personalized, and premium quality tutoring service to help our youths succeed in their studies and research. Our approach consists of providing didactic support to deliver comprehensive educational content, taking into account the characteristics of the knowledge taught as well as the needs of our youths.

OUR Values

Working with Didactic Tutoring is above all a question of transparency between all parties and a relationship that forges bonds of trust in an ethical working environment. These are our values which aim at fostering a culture of integrity and ethical conduct to achieve our commitment to your success.

Online and In-person Tutoring

It’s a well-known fact: youths today are addicted to new technologies, smartphones, and tablets. Our vision is to capitalize on this trend and offer, in addition to in-person tutoring, an online service using tools, which have been very popular for youths. Using nowadays technologies will capture the youths’ attention and make tutoring sessions easy to understand.

Individual monitoring

We take care to ensure individual monitoring at the students’ pace in order to give them confidence in their abilities and increase their self-esteem. This approach is geared to foster the personal development and school success of our students. We also provide homework support with personalized follow-up for students of all ages and levels.

Achieve a successful school career

We believe that personalized tutoring that takes into account the abilities of each student is the best approach to help them succeed in their studies and prepare them to excel in their future careers.

Competent and Enthusiastic Tutors

Our service is provided by competent tutors and enthusiastic who are rigorously selected in order to provide our students with high quality tutoring and support. Our tutors have the necessary experience and knowledge of the Quebec school system. With excellent communication skills and ease in popularizing theoretical concepts, our tutors are reliable, have a high degree of professionalism, sense of ethics and respect.